Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Update on The Beat Handbook

Just now I noticed that - finally - my Amazon details page has been populated with the Editorial Description and About the Author sections, as well as the Search Inside feature. It is really weirding me out to be able to Search Inside my own book on Amazon! In a good way . . . .

Oh, by they way, as of this posting 3 books have sold on-line (I assume at Amazon). Thanks C, K, and . . . ?

I received my "complimentary copy" from BookSurge yesterday (it had been sitting at the post office since Saturday but I was too beat Saturday morning to get there in time). The only difference from my "proof copy" is that this one doesn't say "Proof" on the last inside page.

C and I made definite plans to go to Lowell Celebrates Kerouac! the weekend of Oct. 3. I'm going to leave a book at Kerouac's grave and try to stir up some publicity. Maybe even sell a few books if my copies come in time. I invited the Kerouac reporter from the Lowell Sun to meet me at the grave, and she said she would! How cool is that?

I'm printing bookmarks myself. Got quotes of 25 cents a piece and said fuggedaboutit. A ream of cardstock is only 5 bucks. Add in some ink and electricity and labor (I have scissors blisters), and I can make them for next-to-nothing.

If you want some bookmarks, e-mail me with your request and a snail mail addy. I'll send you enough for your own bookmarking purposes in return for your promise to put the extras I send inside all the Kerouac books at libraries and bookstores in your area. Deal?

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