Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Amazon reviews!

So far, The Beat Handbook has four 5-star Amazon reviews, and I appreciate each and every one! Who will be #5?

Crystal said:
Fun, fun, fun. Part beat `Kerouactions' and part journal for recording your own 'Kerouactivities.' I love that there's room to write - journal - right inside the book! Will fill mine up and have it to refer back to year after year. Maybe compare notes with friends - my journaled beat Kerouactivity for Day 10 is . . . what's yours? Yair! Let's go, go, go!!!

Matt said:
Sage like wisdom that brings an age old perspective to modern times. A real gem of a book.

Elizabeth said:
Not being entirely familiar with the "beat generation," (other than the most commonly read Kerouac), I was a little skeptical about whether or not I would "get" this book. I've met the author in person, and sometimes I felt lost in his company, as if I had missed something vitally important about life.

Now, I know what I was missing.

The Beat Handbook combines many different philosophies in a way that not only makes it feel inclusive but also accessible. Traditionally "beat," some passages call for the tossing away of convention and restriction. Others encourage us to think or act or just be content with what we have right now. Its part journal, part conversation, and part wisdom dispensed through a brilliant prose that feels like you're sitting across the table from an old friend.

Highly recommended!

Jaime said:
The perfect companion for a road trip or life's journey. Rick Dale combines the many experiences of Kerouac with his own to imbue the reader with the true spirit of a "beat". No matter the conundrum, there is sure to be an entry that will address your quandary. A must read for anyone tired of living in a world fueled by stuff!

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