Friday, October 24, 2008

A story from my local watering hole

Today at my local watering hole (see Day 36 in The Beat Handbook), a group of about 8 older (75+ years) women were having lunch in the new section. That section is raised up one step from the old section (can you tell where we're headed?).

I was sitting at the short bar (my regular spot, attained after sitting elsewhere and keeping my eye on the guy who had the nerve to sit in my spot on a Friday mid-day and skillfully moving in when the time was right), when all of a sudden there was a CLA-CLUNK. Then a hush over the entire bar. Then "Oohs" and "Ohs" as people gathered around one of the women who had fallen and asked her if she were hurt and helped her up. Later I learned she had been talking to another woman and stepped backwards off the raised area.

She was okay. A collective wave of relief was tangible.

Two of her companions came up to pay their tab. This means they stood right next to me, as the end of the short bar is where people stand to pay up, and the short bar is really short - 3 barstools.

Woman #1: She falls all the time.

Woman #2: Really?!

Woman #3: Yass! She never looks to where she's going.

Honestly, you can't make up dialogue like that! It's like writer's heaven.

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