Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Beat Generation blog

Many thanks go out to my friend at The Beat Generation blog for suggesting The Beat Handbook as a great gift for the "holidaze." I encourage readers of this blog to pay his blog a visit and check it out: The Beat Generation. He'll appreciate it and so will I. He collects and posts news pieces, articles, and photos about the beats that you won't easily find anywhere else. Hell, it's one of the only blogs I follow!

Oh, one more thing. Don't forget to dig the ride this holiday season! On Christmas Eve, climb up on your roof and yell "Harumph and diddly-i-do, yass, yass."


Heather Dalton said...

Hello There!

My name is Heather Dalton and I am the Director of Neal Cassady the Denver Years.

We just launched a kick starter campaign to finalize production and I was wondering if this may be of interest to you and your readers.


Thank you so much in advance for your consideration.

Francesco Tabarelli said...


I'm an italian filmmaker.
I'm making a documentary film about beat experience in Italy.
The movie is called "The sons of wonder- The Italian beat generation".
The documentary will describe how American beat generation influenced the "neorealist" Italy of the early '60s.
The film will narrate the experience of italian young poets and travelers.
In the Italy of Renaissance, of deeply rooted Catholicism, of gentle rolling hills, the beat generation breaks with

tradition and projects this protagonists in a crazy and desperate future.
We are trying to understand the degree of people interest about it through the net.
I hope that you enjoy this project.

Here the links:




Thank you,
Francesco Tabarelli