Thursday, January 22, 2009

Self-publishing encouragement

Here's some encouragement for anyone considering self-publishing. Last night I was preparing data for our annual meeting with the accountant to file income taxes. Given publication of my book in September 2008, under law I must report expenses and income related to that endeavor. Yes, income tax is statutory. It's in Title 26 of the United States Code, despite the wailing of stupid tax protesters who claim otherwise. They probably mean it's not in the Constitution, which is correct. But you can Google and find arguments that it's not lawful or it's not in the law. Wrong. You may not agree with the law, but it's the law (until it isn't - which of course is the solution).

But I digress. . . . I'm proud to report that I spent $2761.29 on publishing, marketing, and promotion of The Beat Handbook in 2008.

During that same period I earned a whopping $468.12 on sales (that includes Amazon sales, personal sales, Amazon referrals from my website and blog, and Google Adsense).

That's a net loss of $2,293.17.

Not bad for less than four months work.

You should see how my stocks did in 2008! I'm a money maven for sure.

At this rate I'll be as broke as Jack was.

Hmmm . . . . can that be a bad thing?


Anonymous said...

Rick - Nice post and congratulations on your "The Beat Handbook." You're right, book sales and royalties is an important consideration in self-publishing.

I noticed that you published under Booksurge. They are a popular option and do have an alliance with Amazon, makes them appealing on the surface, but that affiliation is actually their largest disadvantage, since your book will only be available on Amazon. Booksurge doesn't list books on Barnes & Noble or any other web retailer nor do they automatically distribute through the largest US book wholesaler, Ingram.

You may want to check out Outskirts Press. Outskirts Press lists books on Amazon, along with all those other places Booksurge misses.

Beyond that distribution advantage, Outskirts Press also offers greater pricing flexibility, higher royalties, along with more comprehensive marketing services and options.

Perhaps authors will find this information interesting:

Again congrats on your work. Great title, content, cover design.

Karl Schroeder

Rick Dale, author of The Beat Handbook said...

Thanks, Karl. I will definitely look into Outskirts (again) as I am editing a book for a friend and then self-publishing.