Monday, January 26, 2009

Sitemeter and StumbleUpon mysteries

Yesterday's blog, about The Wrestler starring Mickey Rourke, garnered the most visits in a single day since I started tracking with Sitemeter on October 25, 2008. Interestingly, 99 of the over 130 visits happened in one specific hour (1-2 PM).

I think I can account for the overall traffic: The Wrestler is a hot topic right now and Crystal gave my post a thumbs-up on Stumble, and Stumble is where most of the additional traffic came from (I had been averaging 37 visits per day). But why 1-2 PM? That remains a mystery. Does a site given a thumbs-up rotate through Stumble more frequently immediately after it's first given that thumbs-up? Do 3/5 of Stumblers do their Stumbling only between 1-2 PM? I doubt the latter, so I guess the recency of a thumbs-up on Stumble is the key.

Toward that end, if you're a Stumbler, I'd appreciate a thumbs-up any time you read my blog. It sure increased traffic exponentially, and we authors want readers.


Oh, and if you're not a Stumbler, consider checking it out at StumbleUpon. You'll have to install a toolbar in your browser, but it's pretty simple and it's a really cool way to surf the web. Stumble learns what you're interested in and customizes what you see when you Stumble. Plus it acts like a social networking site as well, giving you a blog and allowing you to message other Stumblers. My page is at thebeathandbook.

Stumble on, fellow beats.

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