Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sleeping in airports

When writing The Beat Handbook, I wish I'd known about The Guide to Sleeping in Airports so I could have referenced it (in particular, for Days 77 & 96). It's definitely an example of traveling on the cheap and "beating" the system.

I especially like the Airport Sleeping Tips. However, forget item #2 (16 items for an "emergency airport survival kit"). A real beat travels with little preparation and very few material goods. All you need are the clothes on your back (to avoid getting arrested), your canvas rucksack (for bread and Cheez Whiz), a notebook and pen (for taking notes and writing down the occasional "pome"), some cigarettes (for the psyche), and a book (maybe The Beat Handbook, in which case the notebook is moot). Anything else you need can be begged, borrowed, or stolen (the latter only if you're willing to face the legal consequences).

I know what someone will say: Jack didn't fly. We agree, but air travel has become much cheaper and available than in Jack's day, so, in the spirit of inclusivity, I thought I'd offer a beat travel resource for those of us who choose to fly.

Sleeping in airports: a very beatific thing to do!

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