Monday, February 16, 2009

YouTube commercial comes through

Finally, my YouTube commercial has yielded a book sale. I post on my Amazon blog as well, and I access my blog via my book's details page. On that page I can see my Amazon "sales rank." Even though Amazon's ranking system is impossible to decipher, I can at least tell when there's been a sale: if the number is lower than the day before, there's been a sale. One sale of a book will lower the number from over a million to somewhere in the 100,000 range. Go figure. I even bought Sell Your Book on Amazon and the author admits it's a mystery.

No matter. A couple of days ago I saw there had been a recent sale. Later, when I checked my e-mail I saw a notice from YouTube saying I had a comment on my YouTube video where I'm hawking The Beat Handbook as The Dude.

The comment was from skuddusk: "ordering mine now man, take it easy. "

Thanks, skud! I hope you enjoy it.

Dig the ride!

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