Friday, September 18, 2009

Charlie's poetry book is on Amazon!

Charlie James' brand new poetry book, Life Lines, is now available on Amazon. Here's the link: Charlie's poetry book on Amazon. Charlie has been writing poetry and self-publishing it in chapbooks for years, and now for the first time a selection of his work is available in a professional-grade book.

Anyone who loves poetry will be delighted with this compilation of 201 poems representing nearly two decades of work by this acclaimed poet from upstate New York. I'm biased, of course, having edited and published the book for Charlie (and having written the foreword), but I'm completely confident that anyone who purchases this book will not be disappointed. And it doesn't earn me a dime! All royalties go directly to Charlie, who lives a spartan poet's existence and can surely use the income.

Charlie's about the beatest guy I know, so if you're reading this blog because you're a Jack Kerouac fan, you can't go wrong getting a copy of Charlie's new book.

If you do, Charlie thanks you, and so do I. (And don't forget to give his book a nice 5-star review on Amazon.)

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