Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Great interview with a Burroughs/Ginsberg contemporary

This is a killer interview with a guy who lives in Chaing-Mai (Thailand - it's a rough life but somebody has to do it) and used to trip with Burroughs and Ginsberg. This is stuff you won't read anywhere else, so it's must reading for beat aficionados. Is it true? Who knows? Is it plausible and entertaining? Check.

A quote from the article about Burroughs:
Burroughs spoke like an Oxford professor. It was only in his writing that he sounded so fucked. The stuff he spoke about was whacked out, but he spoke like a professor.
And one about Hunter S. Thompson:
He was a fun guy to know about and to observe but not to hang out with. He was way too intense. He shot a shark.

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Jonny Ross said...

thanks for sharing this. those quotes you took out are pure gold, true or not (though most likely the latter).