Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Denver Kerouac fans take matters into their own hands

According to this article at Denver Westword News, a group in Denver has taken it upon themselves to rectify a wrong: none of The Movie is being filmed in Denver, a city that played a vital role in Kerouac's travels (not to mention the creation of Cassady). According to the article:

For the last few months, cloaked in secrecy and carrying a copy of On the Road and a handful of stencils, this group has been visiting known Kerouac hangouts and doing the writer a favor he may or may not have gotten around to himself: tagging them with a likeness and the words "JACK WAS HERE."

It sure can't hurt business, especially once the interest in all things Kerouacian surges after The Movie's release. Which reminds me. What ideas do you have for me to capitalize on forthcoming release in order to sell a few books?

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