Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kerouac alert: New York Diaries 1609 to 2009

You never know where Jack is going to show up. Now he's referenced in Teresa Carpenter's new book, New York Diaries: 1609 to 2009. This article in the New York Post reported the following:
It took journalist Carpenter seven years to complete her book of diary entries from New Yorkers over 400 years. The result is as comprehensive as it is revealing, making the city come alive in its glamour and grime. She arranged the book by the month they were written, not by year, which allows for entries by George Washington to co-exist with those by Jack Kerouac. Though there are moments of heartbreak, hilarity prevails. “Arnold Schwarzenegger was having a party for the Statue of Liberty,” Andy Warhol wrote in 1986. “And I wasn’t invited. ”
If any Daily Beat readers get a chance to peruse it, let us know what you think.

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