Monday, February 20, 2012

Your chance to honor Jack Kerouac

We've talked about the On The Road 4 Kerouac Project in the past here on The Daily Beat, and now they have produced this awesome trailer (click here). In effect, using entries from folks like you, the Project's creators are trying to "reinvent the scroll" to celebrate Jack Kerouac and the Beat spirit. Their goal is to have a scroll as long as Jack's by September 2012. And it's going to be put on display in The Beat Museum in San Francisco!

Below are directions on how to contribute (taken directly from Please join me in helping out with this fantastic project!

Send us your written tribute, photos or drawings 
and reinvent the scroll !

To help you find some inspiration, you can take a look at the following tips :

- How has Kerouac affected/inspired you ?

- What does 'the road' symbolise to you?

- What is your most treasured memory on the road?

- How did you feel after reading of On The Road, or other novel of Jack Kerouac ?

 Don't forget to sign , then add your name, age, country and city.

Send your work to the following email address :

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