Saturday, March 10, 2012

Jerry Cimino likes the OTR trailer

Sam Riley as Sal Paradise (Jack Kerouac) in On The Road
Jerry Cimino, founder and curator of San Francisco's Beat Museum, says in this article that we can all breathe a bit easier about the movie version of On The Road meeting our expectations. I agree. The trailer is well done, and parts of it definitely capture the feel of the novel.

The live jazz scenes are frenetic, the dancing sexual, the American scenery gritty and realistic. I loved the voice narrating for Jack. Was that Sam Riley? If so, wow. He (or whoever) captured Jack's timbre and cadence pretty damn well. And even though 53-year-old Viggo Mortensen is playing a 34-ish-year-old William S. Burroughs, it seems to work in the trailer, perhaps in part because Burroughs always seemed older than his actual age, and in part because of Mortensen's commanding screen presence in anything he does.

If the trailer is any indication, we're going to like this movie. We may even love it! I have to be honest: I get goosebumps watching it.

Click here for the trailer on YouTube and let us know what you think.

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