Friday, May 25, 2012

Chicago Tribune piece acknowledges Nicosia

Kudos to the Chicago Tribune for acknowledging Gerald Nicosia's contribution to beat boot camp in preparation for the film version of On The Road. Click here to read the article.

Don't let the title - Cannes 2012: Kristen Stewart Embraces Topless, Beatnik Role in 'On the Road' - put you off. It's really about more than that.


Anonymous said...

But what this article doesn't reveal is how "our friend" Gerald Nicosia's contribution was completely wipped out of MK2's magazine Trois Couleurs, "On The Road Special Edition". Nicosia's biography of Kerouac, MEMORY BABE, was also scratched out of the book's bibliography. In fact, except for a timid mention of Anne Marie Santos (Lu Anne Henderson's daughter) that did not say that she teamed with Gerry at the Boot Camp, the whole of Gerald Nicosia's contribution to the Boot Camp in Montreal no longer existed for the producer. Even the long taped 1987 interview given to Nicosia by Lu Anne Henderson, is smartly presented in the book, leading to believe that the tapes played to the actors were exclusively those of Barry Gifford. Gerry's lasted for over seven hours.

All this was kept secret until a very courageous Kristen Stewart finaly blew the whistle at the Press Conference in Cannes, giving to Nicosia the proper credit that he had been denied of.

Why not ask Nicosia about how and why he was treated in such a shameful way in Cannes.

Best way to discover the drama hidden between the lines of On The Road would be reading One and Only - The untold story of On The Road, co-written by Nicosia and Santos (Viva Editions).

J.A. Michel Bornais, son of Leona Kirouac *

Le Trésor des Kirouac Bulletin
L'Association des Familles Kirouac Inc.

* Jack was born and baptized "JEAN-LOUIS KIROUAC".

Lance Gurwell said...

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