Thursday, May 24, 2012

Picture of Walter Salles and On The Road cast with Canadiens flag

Click here for an article by Cedric Belanger in the Journal de Quebec. It features a picture of Walter Salles and the On The Road cast behind a Montreal Canadiens flag. You will remember Viggo Mortensen unfolding the flag at the press conference. There is more to the story, and hopefully we can talk about it in a future post.


Anonymous said...


I bring to the attention of our friends in the USA that on the front page picture of Le Journal de Quebec, the first building to the left of Chateau Frontenac, on the street corner across the park, is the United States Consulate in Quebec City. Please also note that though people are now banging on pots and pans in protest, this is democracy in action, not WWIII. Visitors are warmly welcome in the positive sense of the word "warmth". And yes!!! many of us here can also speak English pretty well. Michel Bornais, Quebec City.

Baltimore Colts fan said...

In the USA, we basically have two groups: The "Haves," and the "Haves Not."

In Canada, they have two groups, too: The "Habs," and the "Habs Not."