Thursday, August 9, 2012

Just like Jack Kerouac

Today I bought a cheap spiral bound notebook (80 pages) that is flexible and light enough to carry with me all the time, just like Jack Kerouac did. That way, when the muse strikes, I am ready. I'm already in the habit of never going anywhere without a pen, so this is just the next logical step. I'm never far from my planner/journal, but there are plenty of times when I wish I had a way to write down a particularly good phrase and, while I have a pen, I don't have paper at my fingertips. Now I will.


john j dorfner said...

carried these again in my backpack...and pocket (in high school...i drew also... before ever hearing of Kerouac. of course, right? just like 'the road' hitched 5000 miles before the name KEROUAC was shone to me.
so... i see jack differently.

KamaShankara said...

just got in the habit of carrying these around with me too. I'm reading Kerouac's Book of Sketches and already read Book of Haikus—all of these were written in little pocket notebooks