Thursday, March 12, 2015

A unique and special Happy Birthday to Jack Kerouac

Half of our Kerouac class (posted with permission)
The other half of our Kerouac class (posted with permission)

As some of you know, I am currently teaching a college course focused on Kerouac. Our class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays. Since Jack's birthday was going to fall on a class day (today, March 12), last week I asked the class what we should do to celebrate.

One student suggested we eat apple pie and ice cream since that is what Sal ate all across the United States in On the Road, I could say nothing except "That's a great idea!" I must admit that while uttering that phrase, in my head I was running through the logistics of feeding 18 college students.

Today, on his birthday, we honored Jack Kerouac in our class in three ways. We ate apple pie and ice cream. Jack would have appreciated that. While eating we listened to Wardell Grey and Dexter Gordon ("The Hunt") and other jazz musicians. Jack would have dug that. At the same time, students were using Google docs to give each other feedback on their research paper outlines. Jack would have dug that as well.

Apple pie and ice cream. Jazz. Writing.

Happy Birthday, Jack. We saved you a slice and a scoop.


Anonymous said...

Safe in Heaven dead.

Thanks for the work JK, I carry it with me always.

Richard Marsh

Crystal said...

A very nice way to honor Jack on his birthday!