Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Kerouac fan Tyler from Flint, MI: Where are you?

A 19-year-old from Flint, Michigan, left a letter to Jack Kerouac on Jack's grave in Lowell, MA. The letter was dated 3-6-15 and written on lined yellow paper. It was stuffed in a bottle leaning against the newer gravestone. My friend and I read it today and returned it to the bottle.

It starts out with something like, "Here I sit at my bullshit job" and goes on to bemoan what has become of America and how disappointed Jack would be in it. It describes the writer's affinity for Kerouac and how his friends remind him of Jack and Neal.

The letter is signed Tyler (we think) with a last name that is unreadable.

Tyler from Flint, MI, we dig your letter, man, and I want to send you a free signed copy of my book in honor of your leaving such a heartfelt homage to Jack at his gravesite.

You can reach me by responding to this blog post or by sending me an e-mail at anamcara16933@yahoo.com.

I look forward to hearing from you. And hang in there!

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