Monday, January 18, 2016

Patti Smith performs a piece a la Jack Kerouac

Until today we haven't said much - if anything - about Patti Smith here on The Daily Beat, but regular readers are probably familiar with this amazing multi-platform artist. Click here for some info from Beatdom on Smith. My friend Richard Marsh recently bought me her book, M Train, and I've been enjoying that for the last number of days. I recommend it.

Click here for a piece where Smith adapts a Kerouac poem, "The Last Hotel," to voice and guitar. If you want to read along from the source poem, it's on page 80 of Kerouac's Pomes All Sizes (1992, City Lights Books).

While you're at Brainpickings, check out another post about Kerouac here.

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Anonymous said...

Good stuff Rick. The Patti Smith piece appears on this great collection, along with a whole bunch of other good stuff:

Richard Marsh