Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Jack Kerouac in Sports Illustrated January 8, 1968

SI cover from January 8, 1968

A friend of mine, Gary Lawless (who lived with and was an apprentice to Gary Snyder in the 1970s and became an internationally known poet and environmentalist), mentioned today that he ran into a Kerouac article from Sports Illustrated in 1968. I wondered if it were on-line, and, sure enough, I found it here: It's the January 8, 1968 issue (see above).

It's impossible to read (for me, at least), but I thought you'd enjoy seeing it. Here's a link to that issue's letter from the publisher, mentioning Jack, that you can read:

The very next issue was the swimsuit edition. Who knew they were doing it that far back?

SI cover from January 15, 1968

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Anonymous said...

Good stuff, I'm not even remembering knowing that he wrote an article for SI. I knew there was an article on his time as an athlete, in fact I have the issue somewhere, but this is interesting. RM