Sunday, June 26, 2016

Jack Kerouac, war, world events, miasmic torpor

I'm beaten down by world events and can't think of anything original to say about Jack Kerouac today, so here is a random Kerouac quote from one of his works that is a favorite of mine (the work, not the quote). Maybe it has some relevance to the messed up world we find ourselves in.

A VICIOUS WAR with all the American infantrymen continually blasting away with their rifles but I'm the Company Joker Imbecile who's always losing his gun and looking for another that works so in the midst of battle (on ramparts, hills, in copses, against enemy soldiers hiding) you hear me yelling "Where's my gun, hey?" and everybody too busy to pay attention or even laugh--My sadsack soldier role--But at one point I look up and realize the vast ruin of a  European town we're in, the architecture of the town clearly seen in the rubble--I'm lost and cant find my company, no one cares, it's a huge new war-- (Book of Dreams, 1981, City Lights, p. 138)

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