Friday, August 26, 2016

ROAD by George Lenker

(c) 2016 George Lenker

Below is a poem by George Lenker of Northampton, MA, a friend of my great friend and Kerouacian brother, Richard Marsh. It fits the spirit of this blog nicely. George wrote this poem while walking down the above road in the Meadows. It was inspired by Lucinda Williams when he was interviewing her about being on the road (George writes for the local newspaper).

Thanks for letting me post your poem here on The Daily Beat, George.

by George Lenker

We will die on road.
For road is all there is.
Endless asphalt, urgent dirt
Paths between the suncows.

Things have changed since we were young.
But road remains the same.
Inviting but unloving arms
That never quite embrace

Road is silent, yet it speaks
With rumbles of combustion and
Clanks of pancake platters
Long, lone whistles, barrel fires
The flutter of a midnight train

Road is just an endless dream
With no destination
Road is only you and me
The space that burns between us.

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