Monday, February 26, 2018

800,000 pageviews for this Kerouac-obsessed blog!

Google stats for The Daily Beat

According to Google stats, we have now passed 800,000 total pageviews of The Daily Beat. We're closing in on one million (1,000,000), which will need to be celebrated in some extravagant manner.

Kristin Stewart topless is still the leading all-time post by pageviews. The top three have remained consistent, but there is variation in the rest. For example, compare the two charts below.

Current stats (May 2010 - February 2018)

Previous stats (May 2010 - January 2016)

You may notice that the stats only go back to May 2010 despite my blog starting in fall of 2008. That's because I didn't use Google stats for the first couple of years. There may be a way to capture the old data, but it's beyond my technical prowess.

Happy 800,000 pageviews!

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