Monday, January 7, 2019

Jack Kerouac's The Dharma Bums Chapter 15 in one sentence

RIP Natalie Jackson, real-life Rosie

Your assignment for today was to read Chapter 15 of The Dharma Bums and summarize it in one sentence. Below is my one-sentence summary -- post yours as a comment. I'd also love to see general comments about the chapter, or questions.

The Dharma Bums Chapter 15 in one sentence:
Ray packs his rucksack and tries it out by walking around San Francisco, hangs out with some bums on Skid Row, decides to visit Cody and Rosie at her place, Cody worries about Rosie's mental health (she is convinced the police are coming to arrest them all) and talks Ray into staying with her while Cody goes to work, Ray tries to calm her down by explaining the Dharma, he goes out for wine and brings back some musicians, she seems better, Ray goes home when Cody returns, Cody sleeps and Rosie goes up on the roof and breaks the skylight to cut her wrists, a neighbor sends the cops, Rosie makes a run for the roof edge, a cop grabs for her but only gets her bathrobe and she falls six flights to her death, all of which pushes Ray to pack up the following week and hit the road, comforted by the thought that Rosie is now in Heaven and "she knows" the truth Ray was trying to teach her.

Your next assignment is to read The Dharma Bums Chapter 16 and post a one-sentence summary.

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