Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Google validates The Daily Beat re: Stella Sampas Kerouac

When one Googles a famous person, there is often a box on the right hand side of the search results with quick info. Try it. You will see images, then a quick blurb, and then demographics like birth date, death date, spouse, siblings, etc.

I noted when I was posting about Stella Sampas Kerouac the other day that my blog entry about Stella is what Google is using for her blurb in that quick info box. Try Googling "Stella Sampas" and you should see the below image:

I'm not sure my entry is the best Google could do for the quick info bio -- I was simply pointing out that it was Stella's birthday -- but there is a dearth of info about Stella on-line and apparently the Google machine settled on my post.

To which I say -- huzzah for The Daily Beat!

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