Friday, September 14, 2012

Kristen Stewart digs new cut of On The Road

For what it's worth, Kristen Stewart says diehard Kerouac fans will appreciate the new cut of On The Road that is airing at the Toronto International Film Festival. She said it's "so true to the novel."

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Rich Cowan said...

I understand the movie has been around for a few years. Although I have been a Kerouac fan for a decade, I just finished watching the movie with Kristen Stewart, Viggo, etc. I just need to say that of all the offensive book adaptations I have seen, this is the worst - and I should know I am also a fan of Stephen King's work. The movie was a travesty and an insult to anyone who has read Kerouac whether they liked or appreciated his work or not. I read this comment by Stewart saying "It's so true to the novel" and I immediately am angry. Is there any possibility that Stewart read the book front to back at any time? The answer is simple... No. She did not. Anyone who has read On the Road or any other of Kerouac's works before seeing this movie will immediately feel a sense of the disease of Hollywood cameos and soulless sex and drug dramatizations overtaking what should have been a movie based on Kerouac's own interpretations of his cross continental adventures. The most offensive part of all of this is that his book had all of the drama, suspense, love, lust, and scandal necessary to make it an epic movie but instead it was watered down and completely twisted until it was little more than a used bath towel at a whore house.