Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Jack Kerouac Jeopardy

Jeopardy Labs is a pretty cool little website for building an on-line Jeopardy game. I built this one (click here) for my First Year Seminar Kerouac class and used it today. The students seemed to get a kick out of it (partly because they knew a lot of the answers and surely wouldn't have at the beginning of the semester). I tried to make the questions harder as the dollar amounts increased. We had an argument about whether Jack grew up speaking French or Canadian French or Joual and what's the difference . . . sigh . . . . I didn't teach all of this stuff - some of it came from them writing their research papers.

If you see something obviously in error, let me know. Or something that can be improved. Unlike some in the Kerouacosphere, not only do I not know everything but also I am willing to learn and not be a snark about being corrected. Sorry if that last sentence pricked your conscience. If it did, it probably needed to.

In any case, I'm certain my version is better than this attempt (author unknown).

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Lowell Celebrates Kerouac 2014 - SAVE THE DATE

Lowell Celebrates Kerouac will take place October 9th to the 12th this year, so save the date. The best place to stay, in my opinion, is the UMass Lowell Inn and Convention Center, right in the heart of the activities (and usually host to some). Rooms aren't easy to get so you might want to jump on it. Hotels.com still had some as I posted this and it was cheaper than booking directly.

For more information, click here.

See you there.