Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Beat Generation, Donald Trump, Republicans, GOP Convention, Hippies, Google, Apple, Facebook, Burning Man, Millennials, and Jack Kerouac

Here is a link to a recent article by Jerry Cimino, founder and curator of The Beat Museum in San Francisco:

Titled " An Open Letter to the Tech Industry" and published by The Huffington Post, it makes the argument that other tech giants should follow Apple's lead and not support the GOP Convention in Cleveland in July. Why? Those tech giants wouldn't be flourishing in the Bay Area if it weren't for The Beat Generation. You can read the article and see if you agree with Jerry's logic.

I know, I know....we have now waxed political here on The Daily Beat and some of  you are going to stop following us as a result. If that is how closed-minded you are -- that is, an opposing view causes you to retreat from social interaction -- then you don't understand Beat values enough to be a regular reader in the first place. Autodidacticity is in order.

Some will argue, "But Kerouac himself expressed conservative views in his later years." He was a raging drunk, too, but I wouldn't use that to justify alcoholism. 

Find me a well-written piece arguing for GOP values based on The Beat Generation and I'll gladly post a link to it. Or write one and ask to be a guest blogger. We're an equal opportunity offender!

Peace out....

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