Monday, December 1, 2008

November's free book winner!

November saw a number of posts that were eligible to win a free copy of The Beat Handbook. I hope you'll go back through the archives and read them all.

However, without a doubt the "beatest" post had to be the one by "the bootch" on November 2.

So, bootch, e-mail me ( your snail mail address and I will ship you a free copy ot The Beat Handbook, no strings attached (except my request for a 5-star review on Amazon).

Everyone else - today starts a new month so get your beat on and post a comment this month to put yourself in the running for December's free book giveaway.


The Bootch said...

Thanks for the book Dale! Can't wait to get into it.

Peace, The Bootch

The Bootch said...

Thanks For the great book Dale! Just got it and I am excited to rip into it!

Peace and Bukowski, The Bootch