Saturday, January 3, 2009

Another 5-star review on Amazon

The Beat Handbook has garnered another 5-star review on Amazon. The below was posted on January 1 by The Bootch from Massachusetts:

Book for ALL, Not Just Kerouac Fans! A MUST READ!

I have read all that Kerouac has to offer and I can say that this book offers a Fantastic View into the lifestyle of the "Modern Beat."

Ever wonder What Kerouac would do Today if.............?

Rick Dale guides you through a fantastic maze of excerpts from 2 of Kerouacs' classic books, The Road and Dharma Bums. Rick offers up wonderful, and in some cases life changing, activities (or as Rick calls them "Kerouactivities")to participate in!

Take my advice, read the book once, take a few notes along the way, then on your second read do as many of the Kerouactivities you can!

You may find yourself doing something as fulfilling as making a list of places you need to visit, listing your life priorities, giving away your favorite material possession or doing something as fun and liberating as peeing in your backyard or eating a homemade piece of apple pie and ice cream at a great roadside diner you have never been to before!
This book is for everyone not just Kerouac Fans.
Buy this book, read it at least twice, do at least half of the Kerouactivities, and pass the book on to someone else to enjoy..Recycle this book, or do what I do and carry it with you in your new used canvas rucksack (read the book and you will know what I mean!)

Thanks, Bootch! You rock!!

The outstanding question is: Have YOU posted your 5-star review yet?

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