Friday, January 16, 2009

Literary Kicks

Literary Kicks (e.g., this page is a very well-written article about the On The Road scroll in Chicago) is a website that beat aficionados will want to check out. As it says on their About Us page:

We've gone through a wide variety of different looks in our thirteen-year history. LitKicks began as a very simple set of text pages about the Beat Generation, supplemented by Beat News, which future archeologists may someday identify as the earliest literary blog.

Literary Kicks was founded in 1994 by Levi Asher. I sent him a copy of The Beat Handbook to review, but have heard nothing. That was months ago. I guess it's too "lowbrow" for him.

Oh, well . . . . Maybe some of my minions will e-mail him at and ask him to review it.

Whether he reviews my book or not, positive review or negative, I still like the blog - I visit it every day to see what's doing.


Jonny Darko said...

Thanks for the article. There's a fairly interesting article on On the Road in Kotori Magazine. It examines the book's continued appeal fifty years after it was first published, and why it remains relevant to our modern times.

Ronid Aka Akhu said...

Hi Rick!
I have received your beautiful book, the Beat handbook. I have been planning to make a short film on Beat Generation in India and your book will help me immensely. I'm still reading it and enjoying every word!
thank you; first, for writing this book and second, for giving me one.
lets keep the "beat" kicking! dig the ride

Rick Dale, author of The Beat Handbook said...

Jonny, thanks for the article tip!
Ronid, you're welcome and good luck with the film!