Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tips for coping with the recession

Here's a little piece about coping with the recession - Tips for coping with the recession - that reminded me a little bit of my November 18, 2008 post about hard times and the answer to "What would Kerouac do?" The author suggests a road trip and scoring stale leftover bagels for free.

As I pointed out in the aforementioned post, there are any number of techniques Jack would employ in order to thrive in our awful economy. Here's a new example that just came to mind: I bet communal living is on the rise - or soon will be - and he would likely take full advantage of such situations in order to live on the cheap in different places.

And, as The Beat Handbook points out, the beats were green before green was cool. See, for example, my November 20, 2008 post.

And the list of beatitudinal strategies for coping with recession could go on.

Sorry for recycling some ideas of mine, but then . . . recycling is "in."


Georgia said...

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Rick Dale, author of The Beat Handbook said...

Georgia, you're most welcome!