Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"What's your favorite Kerouac book?" poll ends soon

Our "What's your favorite Kerouac book?" poll (see right hand sidebar) ends in 4 days. So far, The Dharma Bums has a convincing lead. Let's see if we can push the total number of votes over 30!

Exercise your right to vote!

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Kerouac fan said...

Hi Dick,

A fine site you run here - I always read it. My favourite Kerouac Book - Desolation Angels. The story briefly: Jack's On the Road catapulted me on the road when I read it, aged 16 in 1962. It 'spoke' to me. But when I caught up with Desolation Angels in a Manchester (England) library in 1966 it seemed a 'deeper' more relaxed read to me and I feel a lot of affection for the book. All best, Al of the Beat_Happening thread.