Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Howl biopic: Actors playing Ginsberg, Kerouac, & Cassady

According to imdb.com, the biopic Howl, depicting the obscenity trial of Allen Ginsberg, will be released in 2010. James Franco is playing Ginsberg, Todd Rotondi is playing Jack Kerouac, and Jon Prescott is playing Neal Cassady. I leave it to you to determine the appropriateness of the casting, but I think two of the three picks are right on, maybe all three. I'll reserve judgment until I see the film.

James Franco

Todd Rotondi

Jon Prescott


Jonny Ross said...

seen a few pics of franco as ginsberg floating around online and must say it's a pretty good fit. not the slam dunk his playing james dean was, but it works. if they decide to keep the story going and film part 2 my vote is for david cross as the older, 60s ginsberg, after seeing his little bit in the dylan pic. now i'm wondering what the status of 'tritessa' is, starring edward norton as jack.

Anonymous said...

Todd Rotondi doesn't look anything like Kerouac!

Anonymous said...

you should look at pictures from the film, that picture looks like an old photo of Todd.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Todd Rotondi is gay or straight?

Anonymous said...

He is straight and has a son