Monday, April 23, 2012

Win a Trois Couleurs' special edition celebrating On The Road!

Here's your chance to win a copy of Trois Couleurs' special edition celebrating the On The Road movie. All you have to do is submit a tribute to Jack Kerouac via the directions at the OnTheRoad4Kerouac website (click here). Whether or not you win, your contribution will become part of the reinvented scroll that will be on display at The Beat Museum in San Francisco! How cool is that?

We've previously mentioned OnTheRoad4Kerouac here at The Daily Beat. It's an effort to celebrate Jack's 90th birthday (and the upcoming movie) by recreating Jack's famous On The Road scroll (or "roll," as Jack called it) comprised of tributes written by Kerouac fans. Now, OTR4Kerouac has teamed up with MK2 for a contest in which five lucky fans will win a copy of the special English edition of the May issue of Trois Couleurs. This issue is devoted entirely to On the Road. It will appeal to not only fans of the movie and cast but also to fans of Kerouac and the Beats. It’s beautifully put together and exhaustively researched.

The French edition is already available for pre-order and the English one will be up soon at MK2 printed only a limited number of the English edition, so they expect it to go fast. In addition to being in hardback, it is also longer than the French version and contains exclusive content.

Submissions are due by May 27, so get writing. For tribute examples, click here. Scroll down to see mine.

Good luck!


john j dorfner said...

how can i submit a 35 year passion??? i kinda laugh...i can't submit to this. wouldn't know where to start. send a copy of each book???
but anyway it does sound like a good project.

Rick Dale, author of The Beat Handbook said...

Write something new just for this project!