Thursday, June 21, 2018

Curation #69 from my Kerouac bookshelf: Trainsong by Jan Kerouac

Item #69 (heh heh) in my Kerouac bookshelf curation project is this hardcover 1988 Henry Holt and Company first edition first printing copy of Trainsong by Jan Kerouac. It's in very good shape (with dust cover), 210 pages, and about 5-1/2" x 8-1/2". The provenance is uncertain.

Trainsong is Jan Kerouac's second book, and it continues her autobiographical saga started in her debut book, Baby Driver (curated yesterday here). It is just as colorful and gritty, and helps further establish Jan's writing credentials. If you're interested in Jan's life, the only biography I know about is Jan Kerouac: A Life in Memory, edited by Gerald Nicosia. I reviewed that book here.

I wish I could have met Jan, but I feel like I know her from reading her memoirs. I recommend them whether or not you are a Kerouacophile.

Below is a picture of Shelf #2 of my Kerouac bookshelf showing the placement of this book (19th item from the left) on the day I started curating my collection. Next up: Excerpts from Parrot Fever by Jan Kerouac.

Shelf #2 of my Kerouac bookshelf

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