Friday, November 23, 2012

Loving and Hating Charles Bukowski by Linda King

Just received this in the mail, directly from  Linda, and I plan to read it soon and then post a review. I want to read something other than by or about Jack Kerouac for a short spell (given what lies ahead for the spring semester: teaching a Kerouac course), and this will suffice given that it's a biography (which I love) and it's about someone I'm intrigued with (I love Bukowski). 

From the back cover:
Linda King, a young, beautiful poet and sculptor in Los Angeles in the 1970's at the beginning of the women's liberation movement. She meets Charles Bukowski, an underground writer/poet and columnist of Notes of a Dirty Old Man for the Los Angeles Free Press. She offered to do a sculpture of his head. While sculpting his acne scarred face, he seduces her with his letters, writing and wit. They fall in love. This is the story of their passionate and humorous relationship of loving and hating, fighting and splitting. Ms. King doesn't hold back on the pain or the pleasure in this true life story.
Sounds promising. I'll let you know . . . .

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