Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year from The Daily Beat and a look ahead

As we embark on a new calendar year here in the west, our thoughts turn to all the Kerouacian adventures in store for us on the road in 2013.

For example, we'll finally get to see the U.S. version of On the Road. Two other Kerouac films are also afoot and could see 2013 releases: Big Sur and Kill Your Darlings.

There's our upcoming trip to San Francisco (next week!), where we'll get to attend a beat poetry reading at Bob Weir's Sweetwater in Mill Valley (click here for details*), tour the San Francisco beat locations, visit with my son and his fiancee, and, the original impetus for the trip, participate in a January 10 Kerouac panel at the San Francisco Public Library (click here for details). The panel includes Gerry Nicosia, Peter Coyote, Dennis McNally, Joanna McClure, and Brad Parker, none of whom I've met in person.

Throughout the spring semester, I'll be teaching a first year seminar focusing on Jack Kerouac at my university. It's a first for me so it should be . . . interesting.

In March, of course, there are Kerouac birthday celebrations in Lowell, MA, and October will see the annual Lowell Celebrates Kerouac festivities.

In between these events, there's lots of reading to be done - things written by and about Jack Kerouac and other great stuff as well. Plus there's traveling to do - who knows where but anything is possible.

So, it's a banner year ahead and we hope you are looking forward to the same. Happy New Year!

*Here's a list of those reading at the Sweetwater event on January 8: Gerry Nicosia, Sharon Doubiago, Jerry Kamstra, Steve Dalachinsky, Clark Coolidge, Pat Nolan, Latif Harris, Al Hinkle (Big Ed Dunkel in On the Road), Jessica Loos, Joanna McClure, Jack Marshall, and Ron Loewinsohn.

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john j dorfner said...

have a great time out there in SF, Rick. be safe, be kind, be careful, Brother.