Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Happy Birthday, Allen Ginsberg

Allen Ginsberg would have been 88 years old today. Click here for last year's birthday greeting and links to his poem, Howl.

In my head, this is how I picture Allen. I don't know why. There are lots of younger and older images out there to choose from.

Ginsberg at Kerouac's funeral
Photo by Jeff Albertson

Happy Birthday to an original American poet.

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Anonymous said...

I remember the day he died well, I was hanging around in a bookstore in Amherst, Ma., and that evening an impromptu reading broke out in the store. The following night I travelled to a planned performance of his work in Shelburne Falls, complete with a very young man reciting many of AG's poems from memory, and a fellow with a harmonium. Richard Marsh.