Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Top ten Daily Beat posts of all time

The Daily Beat Top Ten Posts by Pageviews as of October 14, 2014

Every so often I check Google stats to see my blog's top ten list based on numbers of pageviews. As you can see, Kristen Stewart topless continues to be the leader by far. Sad by understandable.

After that, not surprisingly, is a link to the full text of On the Road. Why John Sampas hasn't shut that website down is beyond me, unless, as someone suggested, it is based in another country.

I'm glad to see the two Gerry Nicosia interviews still fare pretty well; I thought they were chock full of interesting information and insights.

Surprising to me is how well my spontaneous prose effort, Dimetapp dreams, is doing. I never would have thought my original writing would land in the same top ten list as Kristen Stewart naked. Who knew?

It's fun to see my Lowell story from 2011 doing well. I doubt I still look like Kevin Nash (if I ever did) given my haircut.

How to pronounce "Cannes" continues to stay in the top ten. I guess it didn't just mystify me.

Being a lover of words like Jack, I'm pleased to see the post about "fellaheen" doing well.

The On the Road movie official website is long past usefulness at this point.

Why a blog post about my next tattoo got so many hits is beyond me.

If you want to read any of these entries, the dates are listed and you can use the tool over on the right to access them by date.

Maybe I shall write a blog post titled, "Kristen Stewart on the road in Cannes getting a fellaheen tattoo of Dimetapp." That should get some traffic.

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