Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Celebration time and a Kerouac book giveaway

I was just looking at statistics for this blog and we are closing in on 400,000 all-time pageviews. As this goes to post, we are at 398,732, leaving 1,268 to go.

By my calculation, unless we have an anomaly (i,e., a very light or very heavy day), we should reach that benchmark in about 5 days (given that we average about 250 pageviews per day).

To celebrate, we'll give away a signed copy of my silly book, The Beat Handbook, to the first person who posts a comment on this blog after we hit 400,000 pageviews. I'll keep you posted on when we hit the magic number, and then the scramble to be the first commenter can begin.

I'll need the winner to send me her or his snail mail address, of course, but we'll work that out when the time comes.

We'll need a special post the day we hit 400,000. Maybe an idea for that will come to me in the next 5 days.


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Rick Dale, author of The Beat Handbook said...

As of today, 5-25-15, we are almost there....