Wednesday, December 30, 2015

New Year's Kerouac-olutions for 2016

In past years I have posted Kerouac-olutions for the new year (see below) and reported on my progress toward the previous year's. I can't find any Kerouac-olutions made for 2015, which I assume means I didn't make any. It's just as well, given my track record in keeping them. I never reported on how I did with 2014's, but let's just say I could have done better.

I just read Kathleen Thompson's The Project-Driven Life, and it inspired me in a couple of ways. One regards making lists, and one regards streaks. With those things in mind, as well as seeing The Daily Beat as a "project," following are my 2016 Kerouac-olutions (in a "list"):

1. Post on The Daily Beat at least weekly (a "streak")
2. Rethink the mission and vision of this blog and act on it
3. Read Patti Smith's M Train (a gift from my BFF Richard Marsh)
4. Hold at least one Beat Poetry Contest
5. Make a decision about a retirement date and act on it
6. Stain the deck
7. Re-roof the shed and deal with its foundation issues
8. Buy Crystal flowers at least once-a-month (another "streak")
9. Surprise people I care about with written letters for no particular reason beyond love
10. See the glass half full more often

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Roxanne said...

1. Go through my Kerouac collection and compile my highlighted inspirational sections into one place.

2. Organize my estate sale (with much help from Ed, et. al.)

3. Visit my BFF for her 50th birthday (which she's ignoring, but I shall force cheer upon her)

4. The annual "lose weight, exercise, and eat healthy" Kerouac-olution.

5. Attend LCK for the entire time!

6. Have more patience with my students (this will be the first thing to go).