Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Jack Kerouac's The Dharma Bums: A great gift from a great friend

It's wonderful to have great friends in life, the kind who send you presents like the above out-of-the-blue because they know Bums is your favorite Kerouac novel and they know you don't have this particular cover in your collection.

I don't know who Cindy Wolkin is, but I assume she was the previous owner. Cindy, if you're reading this, let us know some history of this book!

The first page
Below is the copyright page for you bibliophiles. Such pages always confuse me. For example, can one determine from this info when this book was actually published? I assume it is the 9th printing (i.e., the lowest number in the row, harking back to typesetting days when they'd just remove the numbers per printing instead of resetting the whole line). But I'm sure it wasn't printed in 1959.

Copyright page

Oh, I almost forgot. Thanks, Richard!

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Anonymous said...

The joy of Kerouac is in the sharing... but you knew that. RM