Sunday, February 26, 2017

Jack Kerouac Tumbler and Pinterest pages

Allen Ginsberg

My great friend Richard Marsh alerted me to this Jack Kerouac Tumbler page ( because he had not seen the above picture of Allen Ginsberg "in unusual beard looking like a german [sic] geologist." I don't remember seeing it, either. Can anyone source it (I wish people would do that more, me included -- which is why I'm asking)? While trying to source it using a Google image search (to no avail), I happened on this Pinterest page with many pictures of various Beats and related images: It identifies the above as being taken in Mexico in 1954.

I haven't looked around at the whole set of posts on the Tumbler page yet (just the Ginsberg photo alone earned it a mention here on The Daily Beat), or the Pinterest page, either, so I am not sanctioning either one. I'm merely pointing them out for your potential interest and amusement. If you know of similar pages, send the links along in a comment.

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