Monday, August 3, 2020

We missed some Kerouac-related dates

Ruth Weiss, William S. Burroughs, and Ramblin' Jack Elliott (L-R)

I was away and therefore missed some important Kerouac-related birth and death dates in July and August.

What reminded me of my omission was seeing Jerry Cimino of The Beat Museum post on Facebook that noted Beat poet Ruth Weiss died recently (July 31). She would have made my recent post about Gore Vidal and Elise Cowen into a "three-fer" had I known. HERE is a link to her obit in the San Francisco Chronicle Datebook. I could not verify whether she appeared in any of Kerouac's works.

We missed musician Ramblin' Jack Elliott's birthday on August 1 (1931), and core Beat Generation member William S. Burroughs' death date on August 2 (1997). Neither needs an introduction to regular readers of The Daily Beat. Burroughs appeared in several of Jack Kerouac's works: as Old Bull Lee in On The Road; Frank Carmody in The Subterraneans; Bull Hubbard in Book of DreamsDesolation AngelsDoctor Sax, and Visions of Cody; Bull in Tristessa; Bill/William Seward Burroughs in Lonesome Traveler; Wilson Holmes Hubbard in Vanity of Duluoz; Bill Dennison in The Haunted Life and Other Writings; and, Will Dennison in The Town and the City and And the Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks. Elliott appeared as Jack Elliot in Book of Dreams.

RIP to Ms. Weiss and Mr. Burroughs and Happy Birthday to Mr. Elliott.

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