Monday, January 17, 2022

Missed two Kerouac-related January birthdays

I missed two Kerouac-related birthdays since remembering Bob Kaufman on January 12. One was Beat poet Lenore Kandel, born January 14, 1932. You can read last year's post about her HERE. Another was Kerouac friend Alan Harrington, born January 16, 1919. You can read last year's post about him HERE.

How did I miss them? Well, truth be told, on January 13th I was diagnosed by my neurologist as having Parkinson's Disease (you know, the condition Michael J. Fox has -- and Alan Alda). Consequently, I've been a little pre-occupied since finding that out with scouring the internet to learn about PD. As someone smarter than me said, "You don't die FROM it, you die WITH it." So there's that . . . .

Typing has become very difficult for me, but I will persevere to keep up this blog as long as I can!


Alan said...

Hi Rick , I am so sorry to hear your news regarding your diagnosis of Parkinsons Disease . My best wishes to you for the journey ahead . The Daily Beat is my daily go-to site and I hope you can continue for as long as is possible . Your postings over the years have illuminated and expanded my love of all things beat , especially Jack's work .

Rick Dale, author of The Beat Handbook said...

Alan, I appreciate your kind words and will give it the old college try.