Monday, July 16, 2012

No matter what you write, someone will hate it

No matter what you write, someone will hate it. Click here for proof.

I actually laughed out loud at the ones for Mrs. Dalloway and The Sun Also Rises.

Not so much at the review of On The Road. 

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David S. Wills said...

You have to laugh at these bad reviews sometimes. I like the Henry Miller one... How could you even think to post a review after reading 3-4 pages?!?!?! That's hilarious. Someone once reviewed my book on Amazon without even buying it, so I think I have beaten Mr. Miller there. :)

It's also true when looking for a new computer or even a hotel. Some people will complain about ANYTHING. The woman in Beat Buy even laughed when we read some of them together. There were people who said "this computer was my first one and it's too fast." Then you look at TripAdvisor and have people booking $50 and complaining that there was no Jacuzzi in their room...