Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jack Kerouac appears in Playboy once again

As Daily Beat readers know, Jack Kerouac was published in Playboy a few times during his lifetime. I have the January 1965 issue featuring "Good Blonde" (scored on eBay a while back). Now Jack makes another appearance (photographic) in the current issue (see above). The article, by Greil Marcus, is titled, "The Lost Photos of Jack Kerouac." I learned about this from my friend, Robert, a long-time subscriber. It may not have hit newsstands yet.

Click here for a preview. It indicates that these photos were taken by Robert Frank in 1959 on assignment for Playboy and have not appeared before.

For once you can honestly say you are buying it for the articles, but when your significant other sees that it is a double issue, that argument will fall on deaf ears.

Good luck and don't hurt yourself running to the convenience store to snag a copy. 

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