Monday, January 2, 2012

Jack Kerouac, Kristen Stewart, nudity, tattoos, rucksacks, & pictures

According to Blogger stats, as of a moment ago The Daily Beat had garnered 59,580 pageviews since inception in July 2008. We're on our way to 60,000. Don't mistake this data with the Sitemeter statistics in the sidebar - those are "visitors," not pageviews.

Here are the all-time top ten posts by number of pageviews:

1. Kristen Stewart topless in On The Road movie = 5,415 pageviews
2. Kerouac tattoos = 585 pageviews
3. Pics from On The Road = 471 pageviews
4. March 25: On Rucksacks = 444 pageviews
5. Actress Alice Braga discusses her role in On The Road = 390 pageviews
6. Kerouac tattoo = 323 pageviews
7. Jack Kerouac's 1942 Naval Reserve photo = 299 pageviews
8. How to write like Jack Kerouac = 205 pageviews
9. Naked women serving coffee = 192 pageviews
10. Review: Helen Weaver's The Awakener = 141 pageviews

What have I learned from analyzing the above? First, I'm disappointed in the disproportionate popularity of the Kristen Stewart post (by the way, it remains the top pageview for the past month, even though it is from August 2011). That disappointment aside, let's look at shameless self-promotion. Apparently, if I want traffic to my blog (and I do), I need to mention nudity, celebrities by name, rucksacks, tattoos, pictures, and Jack Kerouac.

Let's see . . . how about starting a rumor that Kristen Stewart got a tattoo on her breasts of Jack Kerouac naked and wearing a rucksack? That should get some pageviews!

P.S. If you happened on this post because you're a Kristen Stewart fan - particularly if she's naked - you definitely will want to own my book, available from Amazon by clicking here. There are entries on sex, women, nudity, and movies - all subjects a Kristen Stewart fan might be interested in - especially one searching for her nude pictures!

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Anonymous said...

can't wait to see alice braga's performance in the movie "on the road". she portrays someone very dear to me . my grandmother, bea franco.